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Where to Find Us


My story is simple just like how I run my business. 

I grew up in Omaha my whole life and I am the youngest of my family, Though I have been apart of sport everything came pretty easily for me. I had the privilege to serving in the Air Force for 8 years in which I was able to find my wife, start a family and evenly have the nerves to start something no one in my family has done, I created Alpha Power Washing!   We strive to make your experience simple and seamless. 

I wanted something that stood out such as a motto and I believe what we came up with fits perfectly with everything that I have previously accomplished in my life.  Our Motto is " Built by Character, Sustained by Integrity!"  

I believe nickeling and dimming people to better a company is wrong and while treating my customers I will never have to charge a customer an arm and a leg to service them but will always provide top quality results. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting cleaning opportunities. Let's connect.


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